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Looking for gym removal services with minimal disruption time? View our services below and contact us at Gym Lifter. Based in Yorkshire, we operate in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Nottingham and surrounding areas.


gym install


Gym Lifter provide a cost effective installation service of all makes and models of fitness equipment. We work for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Equipment Distributors and high street retailers. We also work directly with gym operators and domestic customers. If you have equipment that needs to be installed, the Gym Lifter team have the equipment, resources, training and expertise to carry out professional installations for you or your clients. No job too big. No job too small!


Buying gym equipment? Selling gym equipment? Moving premises? If so, you may need support from us. Gym Lifter are able to seamlessly extract, load and transport all makes and models of gym equipment on your behalf and to meet your specific requirements. We work on behalf of equipment distributors and buyers, gym operators and the equipment seller. If you need support with a gym removal, we are here to work with you. We're an experienced, professional team, with transport fleet and storage solutions. Gym Lifter can extract and re-deliver to you or load your transport for any destination, next door, around the corner and worldwide!

gym installation service
gym relocation services


Gym Lifter provide an internal relocation service for gym moves for all manner of reasons. Whether it's a building project or a new flooring project for you or your client’s gym or fitness facility, Gym Lifter will attend the site and move the gym equipment to any location to accommodate your needs. We have a temporary gym for the duration of your project keeping your members happy, or your equipment can simply go into storage – on or off site. The choice is yours. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Gym Lifter understand that gym moves and associated disruption may not be able to take place within normal operating hours. With this in mind, Gym Lifter operate a 24/7 service and will carry out gym installations, removals and relocations day or night.


Wherever you are, whatever you need, Gym Lifter have a gym moving solution for you!



Ready to schedule your gym removal, relocation or installation service? We're happy to help with all your gym move needs.

Gym Lifter are specialists in Fitness Equipment Installations, Removals and Relocations. Our objective is to provide an experienced and professional team to carry out a safe, efficient and seamless service minimising disruption and fitness facility downtime.


Gym Lifter will provide an experienced team complete with specialist equipment to carry out gym movements to meet your specific requirements. Any size of work can be catered for from the largest commercial installation or removal to a single relocation of domestic equipment within the home.


Working for Fitness Industry Professionals, Gym Operators, Schools, Colleges, Corporate and Domestic customers, original equipment manufacturers, equipment distributors, flooring contractors, hotel and leisure operators and end users. Gym Lifter have over 20 years of specific industry experience and are the professional choice!


We are based in Yorkshire with excellent transport links both North and South so we can accommodate and travel to any location both National and International. We offer competitive rates regardless of location. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!


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